Multi-Family Properties


Deco Real Estate Investments is your only choice for property management. We will advertise your property in over 35 real estate sites utilizing photos and video. Your property can be marketed local, state, national and at a world-wide level. We own and operate our rental properties as well. Troy was raised in the Property Management Business and took over the business in 2002. He has passed on his experience and successful techniques to his team. We conduct an extensive background check and credit check to ensure that we place quality tenants into your property. We have a crew of our vendors; electricians, Air Condition Technicians, plumbers, roofers, etc. We have obtained industry discounts and verified their dependability and quality of work for our customers. We provide you with a monthly report outlining all activities, book keeping, and incidents that occurred on your property that month. If you are not satisfied with us you can give us 30 days notice and leave with no penalties of any kind. We can offer that because we know you will stay; we will be there for you and your tenants.

Here are a few things that we provide for you:

⇒ Full Tenant Screening/Background

⇒ Move In Inspection Report

⇒ Create Lease Agreement

⇒ Lease Enforcement

⇒ On-site or On-line Rent Collection

⇒ Recovery Initiation on Delinquent Accounts

⇒ Accept 24/7 Maintenance Requests

⇒ Monthly Inspection of the Property

⇒ Provide You Monthly and Annual Reports

⇒ Move Out Inspection Report

⇒ Calculation of Tenant’s Move-Out Cost & Refund on Security Deposit

⇒ Provide Payment to Venders and Other Property Invoices as Requested

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Q: “What are your fees?”

A: Fees are 10% of monthly rent collected and 100% of the first month’s rent as a leasing fee. Included is a current complete market analysis of the property, advertising of your property in over 35 real estate sites utilizing photos and videos, finding a renter and conducting a National Background Check. The National Background Check provides a complete credit report, customized leasing and deposit recommendation, National criminal background report, a tenant risk score and most important a National Eviction Search.


Q: “Do you require a processing or set-up fee?

A: No, we do not charge you any of those fees. Its common practice by other companies to charge up to $500.00 to set up your rental property in the system. We do all the that and marketing for free.


Q: “How long does it typically take to rent a property?”

A: It depends on the homes condition and the current local market analysis. It normally takes approximately two to four weeks to rent a property. The property should be priced accordingly.


Q: “How will my property be shown?”

A: First, we only schedule appointments with prospective tenants that meet the Qualifying Criteria. Then one of our Professional Leasing Team Agents or a licensed Real Estate Agent will show the property with a scheduled appointment.



Q: “How do I get my rent money?”

A: Tenants will be requested to pay the rent on or before the 1st of each month. The rent will be collected in person or on-line. The rent/income is then noted to your account while processing the payment. You will receive a detailed summary report and your proceeds check mailed on the 23rd-25th of each month.



Q: “What management fees do I pay if my property is vacant?”

A: NONE! If you don’t make money, we don’t make money. If after 30 days your property is not rented we immediately re-evaluate the property for areas that might need adjustments. We are always ready to implement different strategies that we have in place. Creative solutions and flexibility are essential to getting your property rented. We will get it done.



Q: “Who handles the tenant complaints and maintenance calls?’

A: We do! We take care of all the issues involving tenants and maintenance. We have a Maintenance team and specialized vendors that are qualified to respond and resolve any and all tenant issues. Our Maintenance Management Division is staffed with reliable and responsible team members that are available 24/7. As you know, maintenance requests or emergencies are a huge headache for a property owner. By using a professional property management company, you unload those late night calls. We physically answer the phone 24/7.


Q: ‘How am I notified of a maintenance expense?”

A: You will typically receive an email from us regarding any maintenance requests by a tenant. For any repairs estimated to exceed $250, we would request your written permission via email before we begin, unless it is a emergency repair.



Q: “Should I continue to have homeowners insurance”

A: YES, you should maintain a landlord policy on the rental property. The tenants can not carry homeowners insurance. It is strongly suggested that you contact your insurance agent and let them know that you are renting the property to make sure you’re protected.


Q: “What if I want to sell my house?”

A: We have the best in house realtors available that can market your home for rent, rent to own, sale or even buy.


Q: “What is the first step to get started?”

A: You can call as at 786.704.6600 or email us Click Here. We will walk you through and answer all your questions. We will then email you our property management agreement and set-up a time convenient for you to conduct a walk through of your property. We will ensure a stress free hassle free experience.

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