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As a renter, the best thing you can do in any emergency situation is be prepared, which means planning carefully and knowing what to expect. All apartment-dwellers should have a plan for every contingency, from emergencies to severe weather to natural disasters. Follow these guidelines so you are better prepared for apartment emergencies.

Basic Apartment Safety Tips

There are a few preliminary precautions that every renter should take when it comes to apartment emergencies:
•Have an emergency kit on hand that is easily accessible at all times. This kit should include flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, a battery-powered radio, and at least three days-worth of water and non-perishable food items. Consider also buying a wireless charger for your cell phone.
•Establish a family emergency plan by identifying evacuation routes and the best shelter locations in and around the apartment. Let everyone know where the emergency kit is kept as well.
•As a renter, you should also consider buying renter’s insurance and, if applicable, flood insurance. Apartment insurance can help replace your belongings if damaged in a natural disaster.
•Talk to your apartment neighbors about what to do in the event of an emergency. Figure out who has the safest shelter locations, if anyone owns supplies like a backup generator, and if neighbors have any medical expertise.
•Find out if your cell phone can receive Wireless Emergency Alerts, which are a nationwide text emergency alert system. WEA-capable phones in the vicinity of dangerous weather will receive alerts in the event of impending bad weather.

Hurricane Safety for Apartments

Hurricane season is a dangerous time of year. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th, and the Eastern Pacific hurricane season lasts from May 15th to November 30th. High winds, storm surges, and flooding are all very real dangers to those in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes. That is why, if your apartment is in an evacuation zone and you receive an evacuation order, it is in your best interest to follow it rather than waiting the storm out. Oftentimes, those who stay behind in a hurricane suffer much more serious consequences than those who evacuate. Remember, a “hurricane watch” means a storm is predicted to arrive within 36 hours. A “hurricane warning” is issued within 24 hours of a storm.

If you do get stuck in your apartment during a hurricane, stay in a small central room like a bathroom, closet, or windowless hallway on the lowest level of your apartment. Keep your emergency kit with you and listen to the radio for news.

For more hurricane safety tips research NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.

Apartment Flooding Safety

There are 2 types of flooding that renters need to worry about. First, natural floods, which be a problem if you apartment is in a flood zone or near dams or levees. During flood conditions, listen to your radio or TV for information, and heed any issued warnings. If you need to evacuate your apartment in the event of a flood, disconnect all electrical appliances that are dry, move essentials to a higher floor, and remember to never walk through moving water or drive into already-flooded areas.

The second kind of flooding that renters need to be concerned about is internal apartment flooding caused by plumbing problems. If you have a problem with a flooded apartment, notify your landlord and apartment maintenance immediately. If the problem is a toilet or faucet, find the shutoff valve near the floor or wall and rotate it to the right to stop the flow of water. If the problem is a burst pipe or other plumbing problem, clear away any valuable belongings and electrical items wait for maintenance to arrive.

To prevent flooding due to burst frozen pipes in winter, you should keep your thermostat above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, check the insulation around your plumbing, and let your faucets drip to keep water flowing (especially at night).

Important Government Phone Numbers


Broward County Hurricane Hotline: (954) 831-4000

Miami-Dade Citizen Line: 311


Broward County Emergency Management Division: (954) 831-3900
•Special Needs Registry: (954) 537-2888
•Hurricane Hotline during a storm: (954) 831-4000

Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management: (305) 468-5400
•Emergency Evacuation Assistance: (305) 513-7700
•TDD number (305) 468-5402
•(To register if you have special needs)

Miami-Dade County Answer Center:
•311 (English and Spanish)
•TDD number (305) 468-5402

Monroe County Office of Emergency Management
•(305) 289-6018
•Special Needs Registry: (305) 292-4591
•Emergency Information: 1-800-955-5504

Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management:
•(561) 712-6400


American Red Cross

Broward: (954) 797-3800

Miami-Dade: (305) 644-1200

Upper Keys: (305) 852-9612

Lower Keys: (305) 296-4033

Palm Beach County: (561) 833-7711

Cooperative Extension Service for questions about saving trees after a storm:

Broward: 954-370-3725

Miami-Dade: (305) 248-3311

The Keys: (305) 292-4501

Telephone Repair: BellSouth  1-866-620-6900

To Report Electric Trouble: FP&L

Call 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243) to report an outage or a downed power line that is sparking or appears to be energized. Have your FPL account number for faster service.



  • We would like to thank David C. for signing on for another year, still calling his location home!
  • Please remember to report any and all leaks to our office please.



There are two types of maintenance requests,

EMERGENCY REQUEST – Call 786.704.6600 Extension 6. This is a 24 hour 7 days a week contact number. If we missed your call please LEAVE A MESSAGE explaining the emergency, then retry the same number again. Note: Emergency is defined as anything relating to the property under lease that is threatening to life, health, integrity of the property and continuous; unstoppable damage to the property, like a broken water pipe. If you have a lock out or lost keys you must call a locksmith at your own expense and provide a copy of the new key to our office the next business day.

NORMAL REQUEST – Fill out our Online Form or you can call 786.704.6600 between 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

By submitting this property maintenance request you acknowledge that you have read and understand Deco Real Estate Investments home maintenance request procedures and the submission of this request represents your acknowledgement of our written notice to you of our intent, and your permission to us, to enter your residence to complete repairs(subject to your access instructions). We will contact you with a more specific date and time, but this notice meets our requirement to notify you in writing, of our intent to enter your residence.

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