Statement of Qualifying Criteria

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To assure our neighbors of a well-maintained community, as well as enjoyable neighbors,  we require that all prospective residents meet the following qualifying criteria when completing the rental application:

Applicant must be employed or have verification of income. We require monthly gross income to be at least three times the monthly rental rate. If income from employment is the primary source of income, a minimum of six months at the same place of employment must be verified. Self-employment will require the applicant’s previous year’s tax return as income verification. Income other than wages from employment such as tips, commissions, school subsidies, or allowances from parents will require notarized verification. An applicant that is not currently employed must provide proof of funds (current bank statement), which will equal the full term of the lease agreement.

Applicant must have a minimum of one-year verifiable rental history. Verifiable rental history for a period of at least 12 months, in which all the lease terms have been satisfactorily fulfilled, is required. Negative rental history, eviction, or outstanding monies owed to a previous landlord are unacceptable. If applicant owned a home, applicant must furnish all mortgage information. If applicant has no prior verifiable rental history an additional security deposit up to a full month’s rent will be required.

Applicant must physically reside in the apartment for which they are applying. Applicant must live in the rental unit and must disclose all persons that will be occupying the unit. All persons under the age of 21 are subject to background checks prior to occupancy. All persons 18 years of age or older must be a leaseholder and qualify for the unit with the applicant.

Credit history for a two-year period prior to this application will be evaluated. Nocredit history as well as discharged bankruptcies is acceptable. Negative credit history,other than not fulfilling terms of a lease contract, will be considered provided there are more positive accounts than negative accounts. More than 30% of applicant’s credit accounts showing negative remarks is unacceptable.

A criminal background check will be done on all applicants and any occupant 18years of age or older. No felony convictions within the past five years will be accepted.No misdemeanor convictions against persons or property, prostitution or drug related offenses will be accepted.

If rental property is a single family dwelling or single unit, landlord reserves the right to ask for a security deposit equal to one month’s rent and first and last month’s rent in advance.

If you are inquiring about an apartment or duplex, occupancy limits have been established per unit size. Maximum number of persons allowed is as follows with no more than three unrelated adults per apartment or duplex in either a two or three bedroom

Studio/Efficiency- no more than 2 persons
One Bedroom- no more than 2 persons
Two Bedroom – no more than 4 persons
Three Bedroom- no more than 6 persons

In order to view a rental home you must show a form of identification. Your driver’s license or an alternate second form of identification will be photocopied. Please have identification with you.
We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability.


The Rental Process

First step

The first step is to have every person who will be living in the property read the Statement of  Qualifying Criteria. If anyone does not meet the Qualifying Criteria please give us a call to discus the situation.  If every applicant meets the Criteria please email us a copy of all applicant’s driver’s license or government ID cards prior to calling for a appointment to see the property.   After providing the identification please call us to schedule a appointment that is convenient for all applicants to see the property at the same time.  If you feel that you found your new home, please start the application process.

Application Processing and Time Frame

Processing an application normally takes between 2-3 days.  In some cases approval of homeowner associations, condo associations, homeowners, or unforeseen circumstances may require a application to take a longer period of time. You will be contacted immediately upon determination of approval or denial.  All adult applicants 18 years of age or older must submit a fully completed and signed rental application and pay a application/screening fee.


There is a non-refundable $100.00 application processing/screening fee. The application fee may be used for the processing of the application, employment verification, meeting or making contacting with applicants, employers, references, previous landlords, Credit Check, National Criminal Background Check, National Evictions Record Check, and compiling a final screening report for determination of approval or denial review.  Some Homeowners and Condominium Associations may require a separate application and fees, if that is the situation, you must also apply separately to such homeowners or condominium association and provide what the require.

Once you have been notified of your approval, you must place a holding deposit in the form of a cashier’s check or money order within 48 hours of your approval notification. The holding deposit must be equal to at least one months rent. Once approved and payment of the holding deposit is paid, your holding deposit is non-refundable and you shall forfeit these funds as liquidated damages.  In the event that you fail to enter into the lease agreement or refuse to take possession of the property on or before you applied for beginning rental date, you shall forfeit these funds as liquidated damages.

On the applied day of move in, the first months rent and security deposit must be paid by cashiers check or money order. Your holding deposit that you paid prior will be held as your last months rent payment.



Thank you.

Rental Application

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