Welcome. Here we will explain the process of a property owner who requests a background check on a person who is applying to rent their property. We strongly recommend that every property owner conduct tenant screening prior to renting.

This is the information that we will provide you about the person attempting to rent your property:

  • National Criminal Background Report to include; Most Wanted List, National Sex Offender, Potential OFAC or other Alert List Match
  • Credit Bureau Tenant Risk Score
  • Full Credit Report and Credit Score
  • National Eviction Search
  • Photo copy of the tenant’s identification and proof of income
  • Credit Bureau rental recommendation for the tenants’ approval or denial.



1. Provide us

Your full name, telephone and email address.

The rental property’s full address and apartment number

The monthly rent amount and term of lease

Prospect tenant’s full name, telephone and email address. We then do all the work from here on.

2. We contact the prospect tenant and email them a,

Authorization for background check, when that is completed and returned to us, we send them a

On-line payment invoice for the tenant screening fee, $100.00 non-refundable.  Upon receiving payment,

3. Tenant is emailed a web site link to start the background check process.

Note: The time frame of a completed screening report is based on how fast the prospect tenant cooperates with providing required information and documents to us.

4. We then compile the background information and finalize the report which is sent to you for your approval or denial of the prospect tenant.

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